happy new year to all of you =) I’m super stoked for what this new year will bring for all the solo acoustic madness maniacs out there. New Venues, toys, songs… not to mention the super classy places I’m still performing in all across the tri-state area! ┬ásummer will be awesome! the dates are all ready rolling in- with backyard BBQ’s, weddings, parties, and private events making the calendar a little bit harder to navigate. looking back into 2016 there were 317 total performances which has been a consistent 300+ per year for the last 5 years going into my 6th year as a professional musician. thats pretty cool and I’m grateful and blessed to be appreciated that way. I’m working on new material, always, and the solo acoustic madness studio is in its final stages of production and I’m excited to be producing the follow up EP in my own studio, maybe… but the songs are reflective of the process and practice of the last 2 years, focusing on groove and instrumentation while keeping the songs under 5 minutes. so lets do this people! get out and see a show =) as always thanks for your love and support!!